What is illusion?
Is it deception, or is it a blatant lie? Or is it either of the two?
You see, illusion is a thought which originates in the mind. You control your mind, so you choose what to think or how to think it. So if you think of love as an illusion, it becomes an illusion.
But my purpose today, is not to define how one can form an illusion. It is to speak of how love is not an illusion. You see, love and illusion are not one and the same.
When you think of something, with the passionate flame of love, it is no longer an illusion. If your thoughts are coloured with this mesmerising flame, you will believe it. You will fight against all odds to ensure you believe it. Then, your thought turns to reality. How does this happen?
The answer is simple. Your moment of faith was your moment of epiphany. The external factors may, or may not remain unchanged, but your perception of them has definitely brightened, allowing you the truth of illusion.
If you truly love something, be it a tangible item, a place or even a thought, it will be aglow with the joy you feel about that love. In such a situation, you will not perceive it as mere illusion, which is how the object of your love was born.
For example, in my opinion, bliss is an illusion. Bliss is that illusion almost incapable of morphing into love. However, ‘adversity’, is that phenomenon, which is a mere illusion of adversity. This is because adversity is really a gift; a gift designed to strengthen. Thus, one can learn to love it. It presents the illusion of disaster, but does not fail to provide the opportunity for perspective. It is perspective that can enable one to love this illusion, and eventually turn it into something he desires: A gift.
Thus, illusion  can be a reality if one perceives it as positive, and nurtures it with love. This is the illusion with which I continue to write.
See you soon,





The First Step


This is my first blog post and I hope to be part of a fantastic journey of writing ahead!

Writing to me is something that must originate in the heart, after which it breaks free, coming to rest on paper. It isn’t something that has to be forced, or even sculpted. It is only when words are coloured with passion, that they take on a meaning; and it is this passion that has kept me happy through most trying situations.

I have been writing for a few long years, and during this time, have discovered a world within myself, which I did not know existed. The feeling I get after penning down even the smallest piece of work, is unparalleled to any form of joy. Without the art of writing, I would have been lost in a tide of my own thoughts, which I would not have recognised. Therefore, writing to me is not only a source of joy, but a necessity.

I hope you enjoy what I so dearly love, and that I am able to make a difference in the life of at least one, among a sea of others.

See you soon,