Life is more like a book than one may imagine. It is not merely the surface, or trite meaning of the phrase, ‘the book of life’. A book has chapters, and so does life. Many would be able to relate to the phrase, ‘a chapter of my life’, be it any form that phrase may have been used in.

But life is more like a book than what meets the eye.

Fear is a very prominent, and inevitable component of life. Every human being, faces it at some point in his life. Be it a phobia, anxiety, dread, or even terror, fear isĀ  prevalent in everyone’s life. One cannot avoid this vital element in the complex mixture we call life.

When one thinks of a fictional novel, is the first subconscious thought that of a complicated plot? Or is it that of a story? It may be a complicated plot, but prior to this, a novel is first a story. As one reads, events unfold, and complications reduce themselves to mere simplicities.

This is one view of life which will ensure survival, experience, and happiness during experience. There is always a fear of the future. However, if this fear is approached with the thought of the moment of heightened dread being the climax of the novel, what has the fear now morphed into? Anticipation. The moment thereafter is always a part of the anticlimax. Is this view reassuring? It can only be so if one has the will to view life with an optimistic perspective.

This is the view with which I constantly urge myself to view life. It is beautiful. Regardless of any factor that may be causal of fear, there is always an anticlimax.

– MayaSoul