Psychology states that smell is an effective trigger of memory or the emotion associated with that memory. There is a connecting nerve from the nose to the brain that makes this possible.

I smelt an old book today and was transported back to when I read my first book with yellowing pages. I felt it again; the excitement of the action, the suspense of the plot, and the tears of the tragedy. I remembered my burning eyes as I absolutely refused to put the book down. I remembered the pride I felt after completing my first novel. My mother had given it to me and then gave me another. In the simplest of terms, I was happy.

If something so minor, and so trivial, can spark one of the most beautiful, and unique moments in one’s life, there is only one thought I am left with: if the moment can be so powerfully positive, it can be equally negative. But why give it that opportunity? If I know that a moment can wield such power, by evoking itself as a memory after years in the future, why form a negative moment? Why litter memory lane?

Smell however, is not the only thing that can trigger an emotion or a memory. I was listening to some music when the time was tough. I was certainly not smiling. Inadvertently, that song attached itself to depression and long faces. Since that moment, that particular piece of music, had not ceased to elicit the same emotion every time I listen to it. It has branded itself as a trigger of depression in my life. The only solution is to erase this scar by consciously listening to this song at times of euphoria, without dampening the mood. Why bear this unnecessary burden?

Every moment is associated with emotion. Any joke shared, song heard, film watched, food eaten, clothes worn, photograph seen, or any action elicits emotions; be it strong or mild. Seize this moment. Colour it with passion and fierce joy. Every moment, every paving stone down memory lane, and every trivial recollection will make you happy.

– MayaSoul