Have you ever seen a bird flying through the sunset? It’s one of the simplest, yet most beautiful sights.

The sun is still yellow, colouring the clouds the same hue. The bird is black, its silhouette the very picture of grace. It is as though a luminescent banana has been splattered across the sky. The colours haven’t quite turned mellow yet; they are still sharp from the day. They seem to be glistening with an innate royalty.

If you look closer into the clouds, you see the sun peeking out from beneath them. The feeling is exhilarating. It is as though you, the witness is being blessed at that very moment. The sun seems to smile approvingly, as it continues to shine with a softer sharpness.

In the midst of all this glory, a lone, silhouetted bird sailing through the sunset can make the sight so captivating. It is that one bird, which enraptured my vision.

I have this power; to delight by merely having a pleasant existence. If such a simple sight can be one of the most wonderful, my mere presence can be one of the most powerful. I am at the very centre of the universe, capable of mesmerising giants; by merely smiling. This smile radiates joy, just as any beings’ happiness radiates joy. This joy then permeates through the layers of creation, spreading itself.

Just as the bird’s grace brought me joy, my smile shall bring the universe joy. And so will yours.

– MayaSoul



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