Poem #7: Tranquility

Hello everyone! Today’s post is another poem. However, for the first time, I will not be attaching an analysis below. The poem is open to interpretation, and I welcome different perspectives!


It glistens with a sheen as clear as crystal.
A blue, with a hue of transparent silver.

A ripple formed with noiseless grace-
A spring.

The tree as soft as fir absorbing the sun,
A ring of green towers, reflected in crystal-
They smile.

Wisdom flows from the snow on it’s peaks,
Time embeds in them, the purity I seek.
Tall they stand, approving they bless.
Regally strong-
Used as grace.

Nestled amidst green and white,
Sheltered by the bluest sky,

Tranquility; it spelt.

I saw the darkness.
The stronger it grew,
The larger it loomed.

Touched when it did my skin,
Escape I did to tranquility.

An oasis of healing-
An oasis of catharsis.

Tranquility grew with ageing time.
The oasis in the darkness,
Cleanse it did;
Darkness itself.

– MayaSoul



I’m sure everyone has found themselves stranded before crossroads at some point in their life. Has such a situation ever arisen, when one path seems more appealing than the other; yet you find yourself following the latter? It definitely has occurred with me.

Several times, instinct has pointed in me in one direction, yet I have chosen the other. Sometimes, expectations guide that choice. The fear of being a misfit if I follow the route dictated by instinct is sometimes overwhelming.

However, such a situation has a plausible solution: Have confidence in your choices. If I do so, expectations fail to govern my choices. If this happens, the crisis of incorrect choices is averted.

The fear, however, arises when I refuse to follow my instinct despite the lack of expectations. It is my mind that makes its own choices, without paying heed to that restraining voice. I know I am making the wrong decision, yet I make it. I am quite sure of the regret that will follow, yet I allow it.

Why does this happen? I suppose we make this decision on an ill-informed whim. The question that arises next, is if we do know better, why is such a whim elicited? Is it a test for whether we make the right decision? Or is it merely a method to bring in more clarity to our conscience’s voice? When I act on this whim, I fail the test. My conscience subsides and the ramifications of my actions present themselves.

At this point, I find myself thinking of the crossroads and how I should have taken the other path. The fear of society dissolves and a challenge takes its place. It is not really society one has to stand up to; it is one’s own temptations.

– MayaSoul