That Obstacle

Life goes on doesn’t it?

It’s like playing a video game. You start slow, wary, and cautious. Then you encounter your first bump. You jump it and the pace accelerates. Soon the next bump comes along – it’s a bigger one and you may crash. So you restart the game, and are now prepared for the bigger bump, so you clear it.

You know what’s in store for you. You’ve learnt to tackle it. That’s when your confidence builds and you’re more self-assured. But what happens then? What happens after you think you’ve crossed the hurdle? Well, you have crossed it. You have every reason to feel you are experienced now – you are. But the game’s not over yet. The bumps only get bigger, and you need to tackle each one.

But that’s life. It’s full of challenges you need to overcome. This is my question, however; yes there are successive obstacles occupying your path, but is each one of them of the same nature?

If you learn to tackle adversity in one form and it comes back in another form, you’re as inexperienced as you were before. That’s an inevitable implication. But why then, do we sometimes get pushed down by the same obstacle? Is it because it hits you harder each time? I suppose it does.

I thought I was experienced enough never to get hurt by the same arrow again. But I was wrong. It did hit me a second time. Why did this happen? Maybe I didn’t really learn the first time. But life’s sequence of events gave me an alternative opinion; I thought I was clear of that particular arrow. But that opinion was wrong. I struggled again to tackle the very thing I thought I had learned to overpower.

I suppose this answers only one question. One can only consider himself experienced enough to overcome a particular kind of adversity, if he fights it with every fibre of his being. Else, it will return to test the remaining courage. It will return to ensure one has really learned to fight it. Only when there is no strength left to fight, will it subside. That is what life does, doesn’t it – it compels one to fight.

– MayaSoul