The Wall

For today’s post, let me begin by asking you one question: have you ever faced a wall?

You stand there, facing the tall, bricked monstrosity, opaque as the tar on the concrete road. It’s a dead-end. A way The Universe seems to tell you – you can’t go any further. This is your stop; The Wall.

You hear these words in your mind, really there’s no one else speaking, and you feel low. There’s no other way to put it. A pit forms in the bottom of your stomach and you sink because you never thought you would have to stop at this obnoxious wall! It’s a terrible feeling; defeat. You had anticipated walking a certain distance, and the perfect impediment to deter you from doing that, is none other than the mighty Universe telling you to stop, and sit down.

But in your heart, you don’t want to sit down. It wouldn’t feel right. You want to walk the path that’s currently blocked by that wall. You want to. You want to, so desperately, that the dejection gives way to anger.

You’re angry with The Universe for telling you to stop when you know the path ahead is beautiful. And you want to experience that beauty. So you push. You push the wall once, and you push again.

You push it a third time. It doesn’t budge.It’s a brick wall! Humans can’t move brick walls! You’re tired of pushing and bruised from the falls. But you know what lies beyond is beautiful. You know it in your heart, and you want desperately, to experience it. So you stand up, and you push the wall again.

It’s not moved. You’re just exhausted by repeated defeat. The pit in your stomach seems to grow slightly, and you hate that feeling. You don’t want to live with it. So once more, this time, simply to fill that pit and make it right, you push the wall again with all the might your body can muster.

It shatters.

But how? Humans cannot break brick walls! When these pieces fall, and you step over them, you see, that they were not brick at all. They were clay, painted the colour of bricks by The Universe. All you had to do was push it hard enough, enough.

Once you get to the other side, you’re relieved; relieved to be able to fill that pit in your stomach, and do the right thing by completing your journey. You feel thankful, for The Universe placed the beguiling clay as an impediment to make you believe that you were strong enough, and perseverant enough, to shatter it.

But you made that choice. You placed the desire to experience the journey ahead, before the acceptance of defeat. The Universe merely presented you with a scenario, and you chose to break through it. You feel good about that. And this prompts you to enjoy your journey – not struggle to complete it.

But no journey can be entirely free of struggle. You did get bruised by the constant pushing of the wall. You did use every fibre of your being to break it down. But you’re enjoying your journey!

How? Simply because you are now subconsciously turning every successive hurdle into an opportunity to grow stronger, and in the process, happier. The Universe wanted you to see that you have so much more potential than you allow yourself to believe. When you admit defeat, your mind tells you that you’ve burnt out. But when you surpass it, your heart tells you to carry on – because that’s what you really love: the journey of life.

– MayaSoul




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