Keep the faith

It’s not always easy to turn adversity to opportunity. It requires tremendous will power, hope, and most importantly, faith.

Faith in what? In who? Well, faith in every form. Faith in oneself, in time, and in fate.

When a hurdle presents itself, impeding the attainment of the one thing you wanted most by halting your progress, it is difficult to accept it with a smile. At this juncture, one needs every ounce of will power to maintain the faith that time shall make things right. The hurdle is present, and it must be surpassed. One has no choice but to accept this.

This acceptance can be brought about in two ways. Either one can grumble and moan about life’s apparent injustice, or one can view the adversity as an opportunity. However, in order to embrace the latter approach, faith is necessary.

When every fibre of your being cries out with the desire to work again, and you are unable to, your faith is tested. It is at this juncture, that an optimist’s faith is put to the test.

One may smile while receiving a gift, a pat on the back, or while witnessing the most beautiful sunset. But it is imperative to smile when one’s windows break, and to maintain the conviction and will to build them again. This may not sound as important as it really is, but it is essential for true optimism to manifest itself.

You see, when one smiles in the face of adversity, he turns it into an opportunity. This is an opportunity to build the mental, and spiritual energy, imperative for a peaceful core. In order to embrace the adversity, and to love it; to know that it is what is right, and what is meant to make one stronger ; to really believe this requires said energy. This energy demands faith.

When you attain the energy required to take obstacles in your stride, unknowingly, said adversity becomes a gift.

You can now recognise the gift, free of the illusion – of the maya – of adversity. Instead of being a weakness, it becomes a strength.

How? For you are stronger than you were before you tackled the obstacle. You now know how to live life with a perpetual smile, regardless of the situation. You know how to be happy – you know how to prevent circumstances fro defining your state of mind. It is not the easiest of tasks, and every situation demands a different degree of faith. It is by maintaining the will to keep that faith, that you grow stronger each time.

Isn’t this nicer than surpassing the hurdle with frustration?

Always, always believe, and strength shall follow.

See you soon,




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