Kindness in a Flaw

What is a mistake?

It’s something you make from time to time. But that is a mistake – it happens occasionally. When you make the same, ‘mistake’, repeatedly, its is not a mistake. It is then a flaw; a weakness you must overcome.

This though, is quite simple to fathom. It is but obvious, that any weakness must be overcome. The puzzle however, lies in being able to forgive yourself despite constantly faltering at the same juncture. If you make a mistake once, it is rather simple to pat yourself on the back, and learn from it. If you do it a second time, it is more difficult. This time, you probably knew where you should have stopped yourself, yet you carried on. The third time, it is even worse.

It is a common adage, that life often throws you a curveball. Your test is to hit this curveball. The problem, however, lies in the fact that you are often unable to identify the curveball for what it is. After repeated incidents of failed identification, you may begin to feel as though you’ve failed. You feel weak, and powerless. I feel as though I have turned into the very person I aspire to be the antithesis of; and this causes me to sometimes view myself with a tinge of disgust.

Hitting the curveball is one test. However, looking at yourself, and truly being able to believe that you love yourself, is another. If you can view yourself as one who deserves to be treated with kindness, while simultaneously pledging to hit the ball the next time, only then can you progress in life. The past cannot be undone, an the only way to ensure a happy and successful future is through acceptance of defeat, and the will to succeed the next time. Only if the former is achieved can one truly experience peace, and happiness.

Failures are an integral part of life. Even though one may fail at the same task multiple times; controlling anger, jealousy, greed, or at any other task, he must be able to forgive himself after.

Why is one unable to forgive himself? It is because he feels as though he has hurt another, instead of spreading love and kindness. He could also have felt as though he has remained stationary; has not grown.

It is only by loving, and forgiving oneself, that one can radiate love to another. It is only then, that one has been able to practice true kindness. Thus, only then can one truly grow, for it is only when one is brimming with love, that another can feel it.

– MayaSoul