Find Yourself

There’s a common saying that life is like a roller coaster; it goes up, and it goes down.

Sometimes, when I’m going through the latter, I feel lost. I know the tangible direction I’m supposed to travel in, but sometimes it is difficult to isolate exactly why I want to travel where I do. It is difficult to isolate what it is that I seek, that will enhance my perspective of life.

I consider several things: family, friends, food and drink, isolation, tears, vacation, music, and the list never ends. However, nothing seems to be the answer. Frustration pays me a visit, but I refuse to allow it to enter.

It is at this moment of soul searching, that the answer strikes me. It does not lie amidst the depths and intricacies of one or more external factors.

All I must do is continue applying myself in the right direction, and find within myself, the will to truly live in the present; in the moment. It is only when I continue living, and treat each moment as extraordinary, that I can find beauty, and be happy about finding the right kind of beauty. I must appreciate all that I have, and notice the details the moment has to offer. Peace or completion can only be attained by doing the right thing. This ensures a sensuous, and sometimes even sensual experience.

Every moment, even the seemingly most mundane ones, contain beauty. They possess, almost hidden; jewels we voyage the world to find. So many times, at such moments, I’ve found myself recounting the past, wishing I were there once again.

However, the moment I appreciate the details of the present, every ounce of nostalgia deems itself devoid of any sense of yearning. Rather, it adopts the aura of a beautiful memory, that frames the image of a beautiful life.

Sometimes, the ability to appreciate is all you need to find yourself; for only when you are able to notice the things, you, uniquely feel are beautiful, that you truly stroke your own passions.

Only when you recognise what your passion is, and build the courage to pursue it, that you savour the moment – you live for yourself.

– MayaSoul


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