Life is a mixture of everything, isn’t it? From emotions ranging from euphoric to tragic, circumstances both trying and rewarding, people both loyal and not; life encompasses everything.

We, as human beings have been presented with the task of weaving through everything we are offered, and walking the path towards our purpose.

It’s a wonderful journey; sometimes tumultuous, sometimes joyous; almost resembling a meal of several courses, both pleasing the palate and not. When we tread along this path called life, it is often with a goal. A dream hangs in the distance; the reward of perseverance and resilience. Some call it achievement, some success. Some even call it enlightenment.

Each of us view this dream through a different set of lenses. Some lenses are foggier than others. Some of the clearest lenses offer an unclouded vision of that one beacon that seemingly spells redemption. All else fades, and it is only that one sliver one begins to see. A flower may bloom right by the coveted lantern, but one does not notice it. He is unperturbed by everything that happens around him. When, and if, this happens, he loses sight of everything except one, small, luminescent dream he considers to be his purpose. So he chases it. He chases it with all his might, stopping at noting along the way. After all, it is, seemingly, his purpose.

However, it’s ironic. One’s purpose in life cannot be achieved by learning merely one lesson. There are several moments one lives through, but he must consciously experience each one. Only then, does he take a step closer to tying together every strand his purpose comprises. Only when he does so, can he learn from each one. Life encompasses everything. By refusing to accommodate anything other than one utopian concept within his frame of vision, he is actually losing sight of several threads that combine together to constitute his purpose. In the process, he loses sight of himself.

These loose threads, that are so imperative for a fulfilling, and productive feat, are often known by another name: the journey of life.

By stopping to admire the small things, noticing the seemingly insignificant details, and truly experiencing each moment from one’s heart, one can learn. One can walk the same path towards the dream, but smell the flowers along the way. Isn’t this what one calls: personality?


– MayaSoul


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