Watching Butterflies Fly

Sometimes time passes by so fast, that you hardly have time to fathom exactly when one moment gave itself up to the next one.

It’s the same feeling one experiences when he watches rain begin to fall; it starts with a drizzle, and he’s initially able to count the drops. The speed increases, and he starts to lose track. Before he knows it, the water is all around him – too much to count. One is engulfed by the rain, just as one gets engulfed by time as it speeds by with no gear to stop.

As a child, I would try to count each blade of rain as it fell around me. Each time I failed. I grew up, and learnt that it was fairly impossible to measure the exact number of raindrops I experience during a downpour.

If each moment were a raindrop, it would be fairly impossible to actively calculate the happiness quotient provided by each one. The downpour of moments is bound to engulf you. One might as well enjoy each one; deriving the maximum satisfaction from each one, without pondering on the value of said satisfaction. The reason is, that regardless of whether the moment brings forth satisfaction worth a fortune, or a morsel, if it is joy and satisfaction one chooses to experience, rather than calculation and expectation, it is the former two that shall inhabit his memory.

So I learnt, that the wisest and most liberating choice I could possibly make was to simply let go. It is a choice to enjoy the rain, rather than count every drop of it. When I do this, I instantly feel the rain on my skin; feel it wash away every toxic strand of worry – the constant expectation the measuring had created. It is a catharsis without the need to shed tears. When I do this, I make one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

Therefore, naturally, everything associated with this moment adopts the same hue of beauty. The smell, flowers, sounds, trees, colours, people, food, and everything else my senses inhale.

The first time I did this, a butterfly flew past me. I remember smiling wide at the colours. If I would have tried to catch it, through laborious strategies and methods, it would eventually have died. Along with it, its beauty would have died. I remember how happy it made to simply watch it fly. I was carefree. Every moment is as precious as a butterfly. That is the only reason it is such a beautiful memory today.

Don’t measure every aspect of a moment. Live it instead, and its memory will last a lifetime.

– MayaSoul


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