When do things start making sense? When does everything finally connect itself to reason? Events in life that occur; they all have a significance. But when do we realise the significance of each one? More so, when does every such event align itself in a manner so profound, that the only result is a spiritual awakening?

I cannot answer exactly when this happens. For me, it happened at an ordinary hour of an ordinary day. There is no particular time one must experience a spurt of spiritual growth.

But I can speculate on why this happens. In a previous post entitled, ‘Purpose’, I spoke of the purpose each one of us aim to achieve in life. My circumstances while writing said post, resonated with its content. I was treading the path towards what I thought was my purpose, and had only just realised that enjoying the journey is a lesson in itself, which is, in fact, a fraction of the purpose I hope to attain.

This post has been written nearly a fortnight later, when I feel that by taking every opportunity to learn the lessons along the way, I have grown closer to attaining my purpose. Part of this proximity comprises actually realising what it is I am meant to achieve in the lifetime I have been blessed with.

This post could also be characterised as a sequel to Purpose, for it validates the content of the same. Events in life are both of pleasing and saddening natures, but each one serves a higher purpose. Some of us believe this. I definitely do, for at an odd hour on an ordinary day, such events that had occurred in the last few months, seemed to align themselves with each other, resulting in the formation of the answer to, “Why did this happen?”, realising the foolishness of the statement, “If only…it could have been better”. Trivial matters that were originally the powerhouses of irritability dissolved, only to be replaced by compassion. I understood the teachings every event had imparted to me, and the feeling it evoked was nothing short of divine bliss. Questions I had been struggling to answer disappeared, and reasons as cleared as crystal filled their void. It seemed as though life had taken on an aura of its own; one of divinity.

This is why the aforementioned events occurred. They were forming the rungs of a ladder I had to actively climb, in order to experience the mesmerising view from the top.

Therefore, I state what I initially began writing this post to say: if you let your baggage go, you create more legroom. Every event in your life, in the form of circumstances you are presented with, the people you meet, the food you eat, your passions, hobbies, and so much more, has a significance. If you refrain to question the necessity of such an event in your life, rather you stop to question the reason for its occurrence, you are subconsciously moving closer to your Purpose.

See you soon,




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