Free Thought, Free Self

I open up the daily newspapers to warnings of spreading diseases, sometimes unsanitary fruits in the market, and tightening competition at universities. Everywhere I look, restrictions place themselves between life and myself. They are quite unavoidable sometimes though. If competition is tough, it does imply a more restricted class of admitted students, while unsafe fruits do require a filtering of buying locations.

The world continues to evolve, and with it challenges evolve too. Some of these challenges take away portions of spontaneity, as the above ones seem to. It is essential to acknowledge imperfections if they do arise, but when does an imperfection cease to exist as one? Does it ever take on a hue of perfection in itself?

I once read that what exists around one is largely in the control of that person. What this means, is an echo of the concept of the exterior mirroring the interior, similar to the poetic technique of ‘pathetic fallacy’. It’s ironic that the word “pathetic” is used, for a large of what is reported is unpleasant. It sometimes colours my views of what world I should expect to live in, and that is not the most exciting of thoughts. My purpose of saying this here, is that even though undesirable circumstances must be accepted, they are only a small portion of what surrounds one, for the remainder is controlled by one’s own thoughts. It is thoughts that cause events to materialise, by conditioning the thinker to abide by and direct their energies towards them.  I have found the maxim, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” to be truer than it is given credit for. The beauty I choose to recognise within my own thoughts, translates to the beauty they these thoughts comprehend when I open my eyes. The reason behind this is merely thoughts that are of beauty in the world they have been born in. Through their own beauty, they attract the same elements in the same world containing the dangerous fruits and dreadful diseases. The world can only be as brutal as I allow it to be. There are so many restrictions already in place, and they cannot be removed, for they represent the trademarks of being human. Why place more on oneself through restrictive thought?

The moment of freeing one’s thoughts from the chains of “impossible” or “pathetic” is the moment of freeing bliss from the desire for the same. By simple and straightforward belief that love is in the air you breathe everyday, and that forgiveness mends even the harshest of relationships, these restrictions on spontaneity, clarity and happiness are blown to dust by harmony. The world will then seem to be in harmony with the purest of desires: love.

All my love,



Poem #16: Limbo

Hello everyone! I am so grateful for each one of you who is reading this post right now. You make me happy! 🙂

Here is another poem as part of the poetry spree MayaSoul’s been on recently. It finds inspiration in William Carlos Williams’s writing style; one I admire and respect tremendously. Enjoy!


Placed in a limbo.

L    l    M    B    O

A chasm divided
by one tottering rope.

Watered with Western values
Bound to Eastern roots

Should I follow
mind or geography
As I ponder
On the tattered limbo?

– MayaSoul

Poem #15: Reason to Stay

Reason to Stay

I wanted to leave months ago
My bags were packed and tickets booked
No-one to stop me, not even
Books, they could be found everywhere.

Open spaces were too many
They planted pangs of fear in me
What could I do without a niche,
No banister allowing ease?

I looked upwards in hope of faith
Knew t’was only more open space.
Despair’d arrived and meant to stay
But solitude drove him away.

Drove away in a car so loud
I felt no sleep spoilt by its sound.
What made him leave, I asked the sky
She looked down, and you twinkled why.

– MayaSoul

Poem #14: Manticore


Wide open predatory space
Why does it frighten me this way?

All I see is a creature that
Kills. Like a manticore hunts for

Blood. With its lust so lethal, it
Kneads my gut, needling its gutness.
With eyes so sweet and too friendly
It looks straight at me before I

Choke. It’s really just open space
As non-threatening as smiling teeth.
It still resembles a beast so
Cruel, its openness becomes a

Tomb. Smiling, laughing, exchanging
Words is seen as so benign
And so safe, I cannot help but
Sense the danger. The manticore

Laughs. Cackling fast and pitched so high
I fled to the corner in search
Of space only relatively
Safe, but found it was all in vain.

The corner never ends, didn’t you

– MayaSoul

Poem #13: Ode To Italy

Ode to Italy

Peck me with your kiss, take me home to you
I can taste the wine we drank – Toscana.

It was Autumn as fresh as morning dew
Your sweat and earth merged as one – mine.

So foreign you were at first, shining new
Then to my heart you walked, you took your place.

You filled it with wine too red to be true
Fresh as your dear Montepulciano.

Here I wait looking for but your sweet hue
Shall not though I say, arrivederci.

In pain I reside making love to none
Waiting for the kiss of your lips so true.

Life here is cold, it took away the sun
I bonded with the snow but found no love.

It hurts to touch it, it hardly is warm
I miss your presence as I miss my home.


Poem #12: Soul so Old

Soul so Old

Do you have a memory oh young soul,
That kisses your colour and makes you old?

How hard must it be, must you be so bold?
So young at heart, bound yet to act so old.

Has time passed made you love this world so cold?
Left your youth, stepped with ease to mould so old.

Were you meant to be a soldier, be bold?
Protected your seed, grew a tree so old.

Did they beat you, forced that strength to be bold?
You grew through it, bitterness fled – turned old.

Fond did you grow of memories so old?
No choice you had, but to love and be bold.

What did you learn that changed your mind so cold?
It taught you love – acquired skill so old.

You learnt, did you not, so young no more – old.
Lived some lives, live some more – shine but as gold.


Poem #11: Oh Desolate Night

Oh Desolate Night

Oh Desolate Night,
So far off you seem.
In a world so new
Fresh remains your hue.

Silhouetted life,
Freedom from its strife.
Dissolve that cruel whip.

I loved myself that night
You gave that love to me.
Wed I must thy shining stars
Honor I must thy gleaming moon.

I missed you this night,
Spent with souls so new.
Life seemed so empty
Of bliss they seemed free.

Lost in your embrace,
Heart mine loves you more…
Tender music, bliss
Life of happiness.

Lonely I was when,
That life hurried by.
Strange is it to feel
Ambrosia when lone?

Take me in your arms
Oh kiss me good night!
Dreams with you so pure,
No pain to endure.

But now I must sleep
With reality.
And dream of all
That we can be.