Watching Butterflies Fly

Sometimes time passes by so fast, that you hardly have time to fathom exactly when one moment gave itself up to the next one.

It’s the same feeling one experiences when he watches rain begin to fall; it starts with a drizzle, and he’s initially able to count the drops. The speed increases, and he starts to lose track. Before he knows it, the water is all around him – too much to count. One is engulfed by the rain, just as one gets engulfed by time as it speeds by with no gear to stop.

As a child, I would try to count each blade of rain as it fell around me. Each time I failed. I grew up, and learnt that it was fairly impossible to measure the exact number of raindrops I experience during a downpour.

If each moment were a raindrop, it would be fairly impossible to actively calculate the happiness quotient provided by each one. The downpour of moments is bound to engulf you. One might as well enjoy each one; deriving the maximum satisfaction from each one, without pondering on the value of said satisfaction. The reason is, that regardless of whether the moment brings forth satisfaction worth a fortune, or a morsel, if it is joy and satisfaction one chooses to experience, rather than calculation and expectation, it is the former two that shall inhabit his memory.

So I learnt, that the wisest and most liberating choice I could possibly make was to simply let go. It is a choice to enjoy the rain, rather than count every drop of it. When I do this, I instantly feel the rain on my skin; feel it wash away every toxic strand of worry – the constant expectation the measuring had created. It is a catharsis without the need to shed tears. When I do this, I make one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

Therefore, naturally, everything associated with this moment adopts the same hue of beauty. The smell, flowers, sounds, trees, colours, people, food, and everything else my senses inhale.

The first time I did this, a butterfly flew past me. I remember smiling wide at the colours. If I would have tried to catch it, through laborious strategies and methods, it would eventually have died. Along with it, its beauty would have died. I remember how happy it made to simply watch it fly. I was carefree. Every moment is as precious as a butterfly. That is the only reason it is such a beautiful memory today.

Don’t measure every aspect of a moment. Live it instead, and its memory will last a lifetime.

– MayaSoul



Life is a mixture of everything, isn’t it? From emotions ranging from euphoric to tragic, circumstances both trying and rewarding, people both loyal and not; life encompasses everything.

We, as human beings have been presented with the task of weaving through everything we are offered, and walking the path towards our purpose.

It’s a wonderful journey; sometimes tumultuous, sometimes joyous; almost resembling a meal of several courses, both pleasing the palate and not. When we tread along this path called life, it is often with a goal. A dream hangs in the distance; the reward of perseverance and resilience. Some call it achievement, some success. Some even call it enlightenment.

Each of us view this dream through a different set of lenses. Some lenses are foggier than others. Some of the clearest lenses offer an unclouded vision of that one beacon that seemingly spells redemption. All else fades, and it is only that one sliver one begins to see. A flower may bloom right by the coveted lantern, but one does not notice it. He is unperturbed by everything that happens around him. When, and if, this happens, he loses sight of everything except one, small, luminescent dream he considers to be his purpose. So he chases it. He chases it with all his might, stopping at noting along the way. After all, it is, seemingly, his purpose.

However, it’s ironic. One’s purpose in life cannot be achieved by learning merely one lesson. There are several moments one lives through, but he must consciously experience each one. Only then, does he take a step closer to tying together every strand his purpose comprises. Only when he does so, can he learn from each one. Life encompasses everything. By refusing to accommodate anything other than one utopian concept within his frame of vision, he is actually losing sight of several threads that combine together to constitute his purpose. In the process, he loses sight of himself.

These loose threads, that are so imperative for a fulfilling, and productive feat, are often known by another name: the journey of life.

By stopping to admire the small things, noticing the seemingly insignificant details, and truly experiencing each moment from one’s heart, one can learn. One can walk the same path towards the dream, but smell the flowers along the way. Isn’t this what one calls: personality?


– MayaSoul

Find Yourself

There’s a common saying that life is like a roller coaster; it goes up, and it goes down.

Sometimes, when I’m going through the latter, I feel lost. I know the tangible direction I’m supposed to travel in, but sometimes it is difficult to isolate exactly why I want to travel where I do. It is difficult to isolate what it is that I seek, that will enhance my perspective of life.

I consider several things: family, friends, food and drink, isolation, tears, vacation, music, and the list never ends. However, nothing seems to be the answer. Frustration pays me a visit, but I refuse to allow it to enter.

It is at this moment of soul searching, that the answer strikes me. It does not lie amidst the depths and intricacies of one or more external factors.

All I must do is continue applying myself in the right direction, and find within myself, the will to truly live in the present; in the moment. It is only when I continue living, and treat each moment as extraordinary, that I can find beauty, and be happy about finding the right kind of beauty. I must appreciate all that I have, and notice the details the moment has to offer. Peace or completion can only be attained by doing the right thing. This ensures a sensuous, and sometimes even sensual experience.

Every moment, even the seemingly most mundane ones, contain beauty. They possess, almost hidden; jewels we voyage the world to find. So many times, at such moments, I’ve found myself recounting the past, wishing I were there once again.

However, the moment I appreciate the details of the present, every ounce of nostalgia deems itself devoid of any sense of yearning. Rather, it adopts the aura of a beautiful memory, that frames the image of a beautiful life.

Sometimes, the ability to appreciate is all you need to find yourself; for only when you are able to notice the things, you, uniquely feel are beautiful, that you truly stroke your own passions.

Only when you recognise what your passion is, and build the courage to pursue it, that you savour the moment – you live for yourself.

– MayaSoul

Kindness in a Flaw

What is a mistake?

It’s something you make from time to time. But that is a mistake – it happens occasionally. When you make the same, ‘mistake’, repeatedly, its is not a mistake. It is then a flaw; a weakness you must overcome.

This though, is quite simple to fathom. It is but obvious, that any weakness must be overcome. The puzzle however, lies in being able to forgive yourself despite constantly faltering at the same juncture. If you make a mistake once, it is rather simple to pat yourself on the back, and learn from it. If you do it a second time, it is more difficult. This time, you probably knew where you should have stopped yourself, yet you carried on. The third time, it is even worse.

It is a common adage, that life often throws you a curveball. Your test is to hit this curveball. The problem, however, lies in the fact that you are often unable to identify the curveball for what it is. After repeated incidents of failed identification, you may begin to feel as though you’ve failed. You feel weak, and powerless. I feel as though I have turned into the very person I aspire to be the antithesis of; and this causes me to sometimes view myself with a tinge of disgust.

Hitting the curveball is one test. However, looking at yourself, and truly being able to believe that you love yourself, is another. If you can view yourself as one who deserves to be treated with kindness, while simultaneously pledging to hit the ball the next time, only then can you progress in life. The past cannot be undone, an the only way to ensure a happy and successful future is through acceptance of defeat, and the will to succeed the next time. Only if the former is achieved can one truly experience peace, and happiness.

Failures are an integral part of life. Even though one may fail at the same task multiple times; controlling anger, jealousy, greed, or at any other task, he must be able to forgive himself after.

Why is one unable to forgive himself? It is because he feels as though he has hurt another, instead of spreading love and kindness. He could also have felt as though he has remained stationary; has not grown.

It is only by loving, and forgiving oneself, that one can radiate love to another. It is only then, that one has been able to practice true kindness. Thus, only then can one truly grow, for it is only when one is brimming with love, that another can feel it.

– MayaSoul

Poem #8: Starlight


The compelling force it holds
Convincing as a tragic tear.
Upwards! It says look,
There is a star that shines dear.

Withstanding no choice nor reason
Upward I stare, above Earth.
Shrouded in black,
Of light there is a dearth.

I look beyond, beyond the reason
The sun is lost, it cannot be found.
This lays the rocks upon which,
Starlight need make no sound.

The tear that once was tragic
Now has gleaned a streak of wisdom.
The dark is why the star shines thus,
The dark is why it reaps the freedom.

The force veiled as black,
Revealed it’s silver hue.
The lone star shines for,
Blackness shrouded my view.

– MayaSoul

Keep the faith

It’s not always easy to turn adversity to opportunity. It requires tremendous will power, hope, and most importantly, faith.

Faith in what? In who? Well, faith in every form. Faith in oneself, in time, and in fate.

When a hurdle presents itself, impeding the attainment of the one thing you wanted most by halting your progress, it is difficult to accept it with a smile. At this juncture, one needs every ounce of will power to maintain the faith that time shall make things right. The hurdle is present, and it must be surpassed. One has no choice but to accept this.

This acceptance can be brought about in two ways. Either one can grumble and moan about life’s apparent injustice, or one can view the adversity as an opportunity. However, in order to embrace the latter approach, faith is necessary.

When every fibre of your being cries out with the desire to work again, and you are unable to, your faith is tested. It is at this juncture, that an optimist’s faith is put to the test.

One may smile while receiving a gift, a pat on the back, or while witnessing the most beautiful sunset. But it is imperative to smile when one’s windows break, and to maintain the conviction and will to build them again. This may not sound as important as it really is, but it is essential for true optimism to manifest itself.

You see, when one smiles in the face of adversity, he turns it into an opportunity. This is an opportunity to build the mental, and spiritual energy, imperative for a peaceful core. In order to embrace the adversity, and to love it; to know that it is what is right, and what is meant to make one stronger ; to really believe this requires said energy. This energy demands faith.

When you attain the energy required to take obstacles in your stride, unknowingly, said adversity becomes a gift.

You can now recognise the gift, free of the illusion – of the maya – of adversity. Instead of being a weakness, it becomes a strength.

How? For you are stronger than you were before you tackled the obstacle. You now know how to live life with a perpetual smile, regardless of the situation. You know how to be happy – you know how to prevent circumstances fro defining your state of mind. It is not the easiest of tasks, and every situation demands a different degree of faith. It is by maintaining the will to keep that faith, that you grow stronger each time.

Isn’t this nicer than surpassing the hurdle with frustration?

Always, always believe, and strength shall follow.

See you soon,



The Wall

For today’s post, let me begin by asking you one question: have you ever faced a wall?

You stand there, facing the tall, bricked monstrosity, opaque as the tar on the concrete road. It’s a dead-end. A way The Universe seems to tell you – you can’t go any further. This is your stop; The Wall.

You hear these words in your mind, really there’s no one else speaking, and you feel low. There’s no other way to put it. A pit forms in the bottom of your stomach and you sink because you never thought you would have to stop at this obnoxious wall! It’s a terrible feeling; defeat. You had anticipated walking a certain distance, and the perfect impediment to deter you from doing that, is none other than the mighty Universe telling you to stop, and sit down.

But in your heart, you don’t want to sit down. It wouldn’t feel right. You want to walk the path that’s currently blocked by that wall. You want to. You want to, so desperately, that the dejection gives way to anger.

You’re angry with The Universe for telling you to stop when you know the path ahead is beautiful. And you want to experience that beauty. So you push. You push the wall once, and you push again.

You push it a third time. It doesn’t budge.It’s a brick wall! Humans can’t move brick walls! You’re tired of pushing and bruised from the falls. But you know what lies beyond is beautiful. You know it in your heart, and you want desperately, to experience it. So you stand up, and you push the wall again.

It’s not moved. You’re just exhausted by repeated defeat. The pit in your stomach seems to grow slightly, and you hateĀ that feeling. You don’t want to live with it. So once more, this time, simply to fill that pit and make it right, you push the wall again with all the might your body can muster.

It shatters.

But how? Humans cannot break brick walls! When these pieces fall, and you step over them, you see, that they were not brick at all. They were clay, painted the colour of bricks by The Universe. All you had to do was push it hard enough, enough.

Once you get to the other side, you’re relieved; relieved to be able to fill that pit in your stomach, and do the right thing by completing your journey. You feel thankful, for The Universe placed the beguiling clay as an impediment to make you believe that you were strong enough, and perseverant enough, to shatter it.

But you made that choice. You placed the desire to experience the journey ahead, before the acceptance of defeat. The Universe merely presented you with a scenario, and you chose to break through it. You feel good about that. And this prompts you to enjoy your journey – not struggle to complete it.

But no journey can be entirely free of struggle. You did get bruised by the constant pushing of the wall. You did use every fibre of your being to break it down. But you’re enjoying your journey!

How? Simply because you are now subconsciously turning every successive hurdle into an opportunity to grow stronger, and in the process, happier. The Universe wanted you to see that you have so much more potential than you allow yourself to believe. When you admit defeat, your mind tells you that you’ve burnt out. But when you surpass it, your heart tells you to carry on – because that’s what you really love: the journey of life.

– MayaSoul